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Absolute perfection, the first two words that come to mind when describing Basement’s second and more than likely last album. With their first album, I Wish I Could Stay Here, still a huge part of the pop punk scene and an inspiration and reference point for all pop punk bands trying to do something meaningful, it’s hard to imagine a more perfect album. Colourmeinkindness is it.

Shocking all of their fans, vocalist Andrew Fisher announced that his band will be “focus(ing) on other things. We will always be in bands because we all love music, for now though, Basement will have to be a happy memory,” before the album was released. (Read it all here)

This UK, pop punk band have created something special with Colourmeinkindness. From the very start you can feel the emotion, the power and strength behind the album. The opening track “Whole” is driven with angst and perfect vocals that sets the stage for the rest of the album. As soon as the 3 minute track is over, you can’t wait for the next song to start. This happens after every song.

Their unique brand of pop punk is on full display throughout the entire album. Sure to get their fans into packed venues, crawling over each other to get to the microphone to scream, “I have never been in love, I keep on giving. I keep on giving up, I keep on giving up, I keep on giving up, I keep on giving!” from the angry riff driven, Spoiled with some of the best lyrics out of all of the songs. “Color me in kindness, cover me with love, I am blessed. You’re burying your father, you’re burying your son. You are dead,” are some of my favorite.

The high energy that begins the album never stops or lets up the entire ride. Yes, this album to me is considered a ride. When listening to the whole album you can feel a beginning, a middle, and an ending. An ending to a band that has lived such a short life but has made such an impact on their scene. The mixture of beautiful calm with the intensity of few words and angry guitars in the last track of the album, “Wish”, sums up the entire record. The limited lyrics that accompany this perfect ending sums up the band and their ride together. “Heaven doesn’t know me as much as you have shown me. Your happiness is happy…So long the radio…”

I highly recommend preordering it for $8 before it comes out on October 23rd.

Watch their last show in California





  1. Great review of a band I would have had no idea existed!

  2. Top40Lyrics says:

    Great album! I will purchase it this weekend!

  3. Great review of a band I would have had no idea existed!

  4. I still listen to it every time I'm driving for several miles.

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