Cutting Cages– EXodus EP Review

Cutting Cages

Dreamlike. This is the first word that comes to mind when describing local alternative Boise band, Cutting Cages’s EP EXodus.

This three person outfit consisting of lead vocalist and rhythm guitarist Dylan Olson; lead guitarist Jeff Titcomb and vocalist and saxophonist Trevar Gray has finally come back from a year hiatus and is ready to take the Boise local scene by storm. With shows being booked left and right, Cutting Cages has an exciting time planned for themselves. With EXodus as the forefront of their operation, they have a great chance at making a name among many in the Boise music scene that is ever changing and expanding.

EXodus is fluid, raw and passionate. Chock-full of harmonies from Olson and Gray, simple and straight forward acoustic guitar and a djembe drum make Cutting Cages’ EP special and interesting. Olson’s elegant and strong voice paired with Gray’s raspy hushed vocals combine perfectly on “Carnal Fear” and “Withered Webs of Ada!”

“Enslaved” is one of EXodus’s selling points for me. Gray’s vocals are perfect and enchanting while singing lyrics that everyone can easily relate to. “I will stumble, I will falter, With time I know I will walk across the water. And I was dying when I met you, I thought I was dying as a slave. But I am reaching towards the surface. Don’t let me die here all the same.”

While most of the EP is serious and at sometimes gloomy, “Covet Me” is upbeat, fast paced and perfectly sensual with sexy straight forward lyrics and a memorable chorus.

EXodus is a well rounded first EP. With only three members and few instruments, Cutting Cages pulls off a great EP that will attract the Boise local scene and push themselves further as artists.

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Check out the video for “Carnal Fear” here:

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  1. Levi Lacey says:

    I also believe that their recent comeback will surely bring the newest ideas and innovations in the filed of music. I love Dylan Olson for the great guitar capabilities and their three combination will make a boos in the market now.

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