Come Along, Pond

We all have an inner geek, I think its safe to say. There comes a day when we all come together to celebrate that nerd in all of us. So I suited up, bought my tickets, tallied up my arms, and headed out to the party. The 50th anniversary of the honored British sci-fi show Doctor Who is here.

Doctor Who is one of the first science fiction shows on television, and by far the longest running. William Hartnell started as the first incarnation of famous time traveling alien back in 1963, and the show continued being massively successful. It took years of hiatus, but the show was reincarnated once more in 2005 with Christopher Eccleston as the ninth incarnation of the doctor. The show is still going strong, celebrating with a ninety minute special written by show-runner Stephen Moffat. The special was produced in 3D and premiered in worldwide theaters, include Edwards 21 in good old Boise, Idaho.

There was five separate showings of the special, and every single one of them was sold out and packed tight with members of the costumed fandom. Much like Star Trek, this show has one of the biggest and most dedicated fan bases in the world, even in America. The theater was flooded with chatter and the distinguishable buzzes of plastic sonic screwdrivers. The range of costume dedication went from simple t-shirt all the way to full on cosplay. One amazing lady was decked in grey body paint and homemade wings, the likeness of a Weeping Angel, one of the scariest of the Doctor Who antagonists. It was an amazing sight, seeing a wide array of different people gathered together to enjoy and celebrate the same thing.

The special was also shown on the BBC, simulcasting with the UK at one o’ clock in the afternoon, setting a world record for most viewed simulcast. The total amount of people who tuned in around the world ended up as seventy seven million. The attendees ranged from young children in TARDIS hats to old grandparents in large scarves, having watched the series from the very beginning. The 50th anniversary did exactly what it was supposed to do, bring people together regardless of generation.

The show will continue with another special come Christmas day. Doctor Who is known for its Christmas specials, but this one is not going to be like the others. Current Doctor, Matt Smith, is hanging in the towel. The Christmas special will be his last appearance as the famed time traveler. Fans everywhere are devastated about his exit, but can’t wait to see how new comer Peter Capaldi will take on the role of a lifetime.

It is perfectly wonderful to have a passion for something. I met many passionate people that day, in my humble Amy Pond costume. Everyone deserves at least one day to enjoy what they really love. People try to pretend they don’t have that inner geek floating around, and to them I say, “What’s the fun in that?”

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