Sideline Sportscast Podcast

    On the Sideline Sportscast we discuss everything in the world of sports. If its happening then we are talking about. We have a great group of guys that know sports through and through. The Sideline Sportscast features Brandon Walton, John Armstrong, Rylan Kobre, and Chad Helgeson. Please make sur...

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  • huner

    Double C Sports Podcast 4: 3-10-15

    Double C Sports Podcast 4: 3-10-15   Chad Helgeson and Clint Leech give you their energetic takes on the hottest topics in American Major Sports. In this episode the guys roundtable pending NFL Free Agency, The Seattle Mariners outlook for the 2015 season, and more! For podcasts of all the s...

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  • Argopecten_irradians

    Scallops – A Spoken Word Piece About Income Inequality

    SCALLOPS Sir, I couldn’t help but notice that these forty dollar scallops, Adorned with our signature edible lotus, Are only half finished. Are you sure you do not want them to go? Because, as you say no, Your political credibility is critically diminished, And your claimed care for others, tosse...

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  • 1149265_735734083142346_1444840803261732882_o

    Turning Politricks- The Troxel-Mallory Hour

    Below this series of words lies the inaugural Turning Politricks podcast of the 2015 spring semester. In this mind-boggling hour-ish-long edition of the great TP, Stephen Troxel and McAlister Mallory kick off the season with some liberal ranting and questioning of all the events that happened dur...

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  • photo-main

    Study Break Interview: Humans Vs Zombies Club

    Imagine walking to your first college class armed with a nerf blaster and extra ammo. You scout the campus grounds for signs of the undead when suddenly you’re attacked from behind and now must walk the path of a zombie. Sounds fun right, well if you are part of the Zombie Vs Humans Club he...

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  • 10687369_10152934318980676_370234792365600144_o

    Turning Politricks Podcast: Midterms Summary, Election Results

    Here you will have the pleasure of hearing Dr. Bigdaddy Bower, Dr. Uncle Dave, Doctor Scribber, and Doctor Seal discussing the election results. Just click the play button below.

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  • Total Perspective Vortex

    TPV Podcast 2 9/16/14

    TPV returns for its second episode of the podcast. Join us as we rant about Hot Pockets, rave about dinosaur classifications, and romanticize trash island. Podcast people unite.

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  • Total Perspective Vortex

    TPV Podcast 1: 9/9/14 (Updated)

    It’s the first episode of the show!! Well, not really, but it is the first episode that we recorded. At long last, Stefan makes good on his threats to post the recordings of the show. Join us as we talk about a bunch of garbage like Colton’s love of Clive Barker, Stefan’s Sims 3...

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  • turning P

    Turning Politricks responds to Stefan Molyneux’s “Jon Stewart’s 19 Tough Questions for Libertarians”

      Here it is folks! Took a while to get up because we were trying to make this a YouTube video, but alas, technology is strange and complex. Hope you all enjoy the show! Check us out live every Sunday 3-5pm MST. Like us on FB: https://www.facebook.com/TurningPolitricsWithBigDaddyBower Aaaaan...

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  • turning

    Turning Politricks – Podcast 1, 14 September 2014

    This is our first podcast EVER. So don’t listen–it’s the worst! That being said, in this podcast we talk about PB&J Sundays, and the city’s decision to “relocate” the houseless. We then turn to talking about international affairs, specifically Obama’s speec...

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