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Pulse Radio is student run radio station from Boise State University. The station is broadcast via a live internet stream called Pulse Radio.

The internet stream broadcasts 24/7 and you can listen while you surf the web, work, read, or study. Different times of day will have different genres, depending on which of our student producers is in the studio.

In A Band?

At Pulse Radio, we are all about the local Boise music scene and believe in our local musicians. Stop by and drop off your music, or send your music to us here:

University Pulse

1910 University Dr. MS 1340

Boise, ID 83725-1340

Phone: 208-426-6309

Student Union Performance Series

The Student Union Performance Series (SUPS) is a campus service offering musical programming to Boise State students and the broader community. The SUPS program facilitates exposure to local, regional, and emerging musicians as well as providing students an opportunity to immerse themselves in an entertaining and engaging student-driven event.

For more information how you can be a part of the Student Union Performance Series, please download and fill out the Student Union Performance Series Performance Application. You can either email it to the address listed or drop it off at the Information Desk in the SUB.

We appreciate your feedback.

Let us know what you want to hear or what you think.

Our staff

Pulse Staff

General Manager:
Program Director: Amy Kelly

Amy Kelly

Music Director/Public Relations: Paul Bates546393_241694042620143_2015773409_n
Music Director/Traffic: Alisha Graefealisha website


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About Us

The University Pulse is Boise State University's independent student-run radio station broadcasting live 24/7 at bsupulse.com. Tune in to hear music, sports, and talk shows, all produced by Boise State students. We provide an environment where students can gain real-world experience by hosting their own radio show, creating content and attending local shows with the chance to interview artists.

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