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The Campus Radio Stream

The Campus features the best in indie, folk, alternative and nostalgic classics. Discover your new favorite bands and hear the songs that made you fall in love with music in the first place.

Student Shows

Thursday @ 9pm All Things Metal
Producer: Denny Spinks Email:
With Metal having so many sub-genres from Glam, Thrash, Hardcore, Goth, Industrial, and mainstream Metal, etc. If it has the hair on the back of your neck stand up and makes you raise your first in the air you are tuned in to ALL THINGS METAL!
Wednesday@6pm(Street Only) Baby Mutints
Producer: Andrew Knutson Email:
“baby mutints is truth.”
Friday @ 7pm Coast 2 Coast
Producers: John Garretson and Zach Giertych Email:
Two BSU students, John Garretson and Zach Giertych, talk about sports,college, and everything in between. From Cranford, New Jersey to Laguna Niguel, California, the two bring together different sets of sports minds, preview and predict the up and coming games of the week and share their thoughts on what is going on in the sports world.Lines may be crossed but they sure produce one hell of a college sports show.
Tuesday @ 7pm Cyberstate
Producer: Ben Mack Email:
Loud, pumping, euphoric, lush… these and more describe Cyberstate. Playing the best trace and dance music from around the world,Cyberstate brings the club to you. Tune in, unwind… and dance till your heart’s content.
Friday @ 10pm Eclectic Method
Producer: Ryan Laxson Email:
Electronic, DubStep, Bass, Psychadelic, Whomp-tastic, speaker-blasting tunes to fill your evening for while. Each week I’ll be gathering the newest, heaviest, heart-gripping tracks for your listening pleasure. Get lost in The Eclectic Method produced by DJ Rylax.
Friday @ 5pm Hustle Hard
Producer: Poppa Joe Email:
Hustle Hard Radio is an intriguing and unique segment on the University Pulse. It showcases Hustle Hard Full Time Records recording artists. H.H.F.T is a locally owned record label. This show is a culmination of local talent, whom are some the many unsung heroes of the Treasure Valleys growing music community, Poppa Joe blends major names with this great local talent to form an exciting one hour show.
Sunday @ 9pm Kickin Back with Zack
Producer:Zachary Giertych Email:
“You like me, I like you, let’s not waste time.”
Tuesday @ 9pm LFO Radio
Producer:William Scherrer Email:
LFO Radio delivers a wide range of electronic music directly to your tympanic membrane. Come enjoy a variety of songs that may very well change the way you listen to electronic music. The show will explore influential artists, underground genres, and local producers. [Caution: May alter brain’s biochemical composition, cause expansion of the mind, and lead to a refined taste in music.]
Saturday @ 9pm Negative Zone
Producer: Dustin Verburg Email:
The Negative Zone plays the weirdest, loudest and deadliest rock music from across all the known dimensions. Focusing primarily on punk, garage, hardcore, noise, experimental and stoner rock, The Negative Zone is a blast of sonic anti-matter to your unshielded eardrums.
Friday @ 9pm Northwest Snow Show
Producer: John Webster Email:
This show is full of information about the snowboarding community which includes events, products and people in the snowboarding world. Listen to the Northwest Snow Show and shred on! .
Saturday @ 8pm Radio Clash
Producer: Rachel Meade Email:
Radio Clash offers up a wide array of music all spawned from the world of rock. You can expect to hear everything from punk to metal, emo to hardcore, classic rock to indie. While you’ll never know what will play next, it’s all guaranteed to rock .
Tuesday @ 8pm Static Control
Producer:Sam Hall Email:
A riveting mix of electronic music each week, Static Control gives you all the pulse-pounding beats right alongside the ambient melodies, delivering variety and emotion to the otherwise stale rhythm of modern music. Everything from techno and trance to IDM and trip-hop; if you are looking for your electric fix, look no further
Sunday @ 7pm The Experience
Producer: Matt Rubino Email:
Hey I’m Matt I play an Experience of Music, anything from Classic rock to Hip/Hop, listen every Sunday to see who stops by. Enjoy!
Friday @ 10am The Izzy and Derek Show
Producers: Derek Deulus and Isabel Corona Links – &
What happens when two completely different kids from Cali get dropped off in the middle of the Treasure Valley? This is the result!”
Friday @ 6pm The Meeko Show
Producers: Travis Cahill Email:
For those who love leather-bound books and the smell of rich mahogany… or if you are tired of hearing the same song on the radio over and over. I present to you The Meeko Show. Playing songs that you would normally hear in bar shows or with a small crowd, The Meeko Show focuses around the punk/hardcore punk and post rock/midwestern emo genres but taps into redonkulous amounts of other awesomeness
Friday @ 8pm The Touch
Producer: Brian Dodson Email:
Music variety show which touches base on various themes and topics
Thursday @ 7pm Untitled Playlist
Producer: Isabel Corona Email:
Untitled playlist offers a little bit of everything. One second you could be listening to 80’s rock, the next 90’s alternative and then a little 60’s soul music. If you have sporadic taste is music this is the show to listen to!
Monday @ 8pm What the Folk
Producer: Dusty Aunan Email:
This show presents music for the people that feel queasy upon hearing “Your Love Is My Drug”. This show encompasses the best of Folk and Americana from the last 50 years and into the future. This show plays music that wasn’t created in a lab or a factory. This show is for the folks.

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