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    Coheed and Cambria’s latest album The Color Before the Sun offers something for everyone

    Concept albums can oftentimes be a daunting task to digest from a music listener’s perspective. Whatever story or thematics the artist has devised over the course of a dozen tracks must either be explicitly made clear in the lyrics and music...

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    Music Video History

    As we all know things change over time, this applies to music, and its style of choreography and music videos. Since the creation of music a dance method has been implied, whether it is recorded or not. Some music tells a story, others are written...

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    Twenty One Pilots Boise Concert

      So I had the opportunity to go see Twenty One Pilots when they cam to Boise and let me tell you, the put on a spectacular show. I had a blast at the concert and the community of TØP fans are fantastic. But before I talk more about the main ...

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    Purity Ring Live At The Knitting Factory (10/2)

    Earlier this month, on October 2nd, the Canadian indie pop duo Purity Ring played live at the Knitting Factory in Boise, Idaho along with HANA as part of their Another Eternity tour. HANA is an aspiring female pop singer who has been recognized by...

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    Tech N9ne Photo Gallery- October 21

    The University Pulse got to attend Tech N9ne’s show at the Knitting Factory on October 21st. Check out our Tech N9ne photo gallery. All photos were taken by Brandon Feely.

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  • murs

    Murs on The State of Hip-Hop and Current Events

    From his Living Legends days until now Murs has been a relevant staple in the hip-hop community and culture. He is unapologetically straightforward about all things which made for great conversation about everything from his career to his communit...

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    Star Wars Final Trailer Analysis – The Showbiz

    Star Wars fever is upon us! By now, unless you have just awakened from a long carbonite nap, you must have heard that the (presumably) final trailer has just released for Star Wars: The Force Awakens, the long awaited Star Wars Episode VII set for...

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    Music Videos That Time Forgot: blink-182’s “First Date”

    “Well, I guess this is growing up”, Mark Hoppus famously sang on blink-182’s 1997 breakthrough hit, “Dammit”. However, it was clear to the band’s fans and probably to Mr. Hoppus himself that he still had a lot o...

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  • Kam

    5 Reasons the Seattle Seahawks will Make the Playoffs

    The Seattle Seahawks are mired in the midst of yet another 2-3 start. Last year Seattle was 2-3 and they still managed to make it within one yard of defending their Super Bowl Title. The so-called experts would have you believe this year is differ...

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  • GOMI

    Pulse Check #3 Fall 2015

    Hello Boise State! Here is your 3rd Pulse Check for the fall semester 2015. Check out information on a super cool exhibition in the Student Union Building, Boise State Symphony Orchestra’s Spook-tacular concert, and, of course, our radio sho...

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