• future1

    Ratcher Hour’s Mixtapes of the Month

    Hello and welcome back to a new year here at Boise State! Ratchet Hour is sure excited to enter a new year full of more ratchet music. So far this year, plenty of mixtapes have dropped but the Ratchet Hour, being you number one source for ratchet ...

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  • jtt

    Is Justin Timberlake Going Country On Us?

    Justin Timberlake, also known as the king of entertainment, is possibly up to something that no one would have ever imagined. JT might be making a country album.

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  • FranzFerdinand

    Music Video That Time Forgot: Franz Ferdinand-Take Me Out

    The University Pulse presents a weekly series: Music Videos That Time Forgot. In this weekly series we will jump back in time and explore a music video that at one time was at the forefront of discussion and in the public’s eyes but is now forgott...

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  • Weird Al Yankovic

    Mediocre at Best’s Top Five Countdown

    Every month or so I thought that Devan and I (Mike) from Mediocre at best would do a countdown of our top five favorite things. This countdown can be of anything, our favorite songs, music videos, movies, shows, people, etc. Since our show is base...

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  • Miles Davis

    Miles Davis – A Kind of Blues

    Initial Thoughts: I’ve always heard of Miles Davis being an excellent musician, playing the trumpet well, and becoming famous because of his performances and career as a musician. I decided to listen to A Kind of Blues because I hadn’t heard a lot...

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  • more bastille

    Top Albums That Spawned Hit Songs

    I’m sure I’m not alone when I say that the radio is the most prominent source of finding new music. Although the stations I used to listen to tended to play the same music all the time, I would pick out my favorite songs, and later search to find ...

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  • Screenshot (67)

    Jon and Joe’s Monthly Tangent: Microlattice

    Metal’s Lighter than Air Yea metal… not the music but actually the material. Welcome to the new Jon and Joe’s random tangent of the month! For this month, I (Jon) will talk about a brand new material called Microlattice. So this may seem kin...

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  • 12193874_940347102709627_7176393509748885110_n

    PENTATONIX, Acappella Gone Viral.

    Pentatonix or PTX as some call them, is a four person group of just voices no instruments that wow people across the world on YouTube and with their live concerts. Pentatonix has sold to date over 2 million albums and have over 950 million views a...

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  • 1001923_10151592871981896_444362432_n

    Kaleb’s Metal Album of the Week: Trivium – Silence In The Snow

    In light of this band coming to town and to kick off my new show, and a weekly series I will be doing, Silence In The Snow by Trivium is the first recommendation of mine. This album came out October 2, 2015, and is my next favorite album of theirs...

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  • 10475_10151049532930666_1976789127_n

    Pre-Treefort Coverage: The Arbiter’s List of Bands They Can’t Wait To See

    The Arbiter newspaper has some really big fans of Treefort Music Festival. Here are some of the bands that they absolutely cannot wait to see perform!

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