By Sonora Birnie 

As the spring semester comes to a close, University Pulse Radio has gained a new team of broncos to bring you the quality student radio you have come to expect. Kelsie Rose, previously The Pulse’s promotions director, has been hired to replace Blake Simony as general manager for the station. Kelsie just finished her junior year and is pursuing a degree in media arts with an emphasis in media production, with minors in film and TV.  She hosts the radio show Because I said Show, with her co-host Sarah Buchanan.

 The Pulse is a completely student run media source for Boise State University, with radio shows and podcasts created and produced by Boise State students. It takes a unique individual to direct the diverse and complicated personalities that make The Pulse what it is. 

I sat down with Kelsie to talk student radio, her personal goals for student media, and what she hopes to bring to the future of University Pulse Radio. I had asked for feedback and questions from the student producers and various leaders in the Boise State  community, so I came armed with the expectations of the people who listen and love student radio. 

Nearly everyone I talked to, especially those who have been with The Pulse for more than two years, mentioned how happy they are with the way things have changed over the past year under Blake’s management, and there was an overwhelmingly positive attitude about the trajectory of The Pulse. 

“We came to The Pulse with nothing; we didn’t know what it was or what we wanted it to be. We found our mission statement, our vision, and our goals and we rebranded. We redid the studio and put all these policies in place.” Kelsie said. “Blake gave The Pulse an identity and now I have the opportunity to just take this core foundation and push it as far as possible.” 

Despite the fact that there are so many amazing things already happening at The Pulse, Kelsie says that there is always room for improvement. The website could use an upgrade, adding in a news radio hour, and an overall more collaborative relationship with other student media sources, as well as university departments . Kelsie is open to ideas and her energy bursts forward when she talks about her passion for radio and community connection. 

“Anytime Boise State’s student radio station has gotten somewhere significant, it gets torn down for some reason. It’s astonishing. There was no transitional paperwork, but it is not like that anymore. Things are changing and I am excited.” Kelsie said.

 Recently Blake Simony put together an entire podcast going over the history of the Pulse. You can listen to that podcast linked here. The past may be troubled, but the future remains bright and the opportunities are endless.

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  • Posted September 30, 2021 4:45 pm 0Likes
    Madison Seipp

    Hey PULSE!

    We at KBGA College Radio in Missoula, Mt, are looking into options for using music streaming services to broadcast on air, especially as we have implemented a remote DJ option for COVID safety measures.

    I am reaching out to different college radio stations to see what others are doing. Where does the bulk of the music your DJs play come from? Are you subscribed to any large online catalogues?

    Thanks so much if you find time to respond, and keep on spinning!


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