By Preston Valles

Treefort Music Fest 2021 went by in a blink of an eye yet the memories the Pulse team and Student Media in general gained from it will last us forever.

One memory that will stick with me was seeing the band, Prism Bitch, perform at the El Korah Shrine on the final day of the festival. Prism Bitch is a group hailing from Albuquerque, New Mexico. It features Lilah Rose (Vocals, Keys, Guitar), Lauren Poole (Bass, Vocals), Chris Walsh (Guitar), and Teresa Cruces (Drums, Vocals). They made their debut in the music world with their first EP, The Getaway, in 2017. Just this year in March, they released their first full length album, Perla, which is full of fun and upbeat tracks!

I saw Prism Bitch for the very first time performing on the Main Stage during the second day. I had just gotten downtown at around 4:20 PM, exhausted from the first day of shooting photos. Upon waltzing into the Main Stage gate I was greeted with the band all wearing matching outfits and covered in performance makeup. I jumped straight into the photo pit to get some good shots and found myself getting distracted and enjoying the vibe that the whole band put forth. My best description for their sound is Paramore but on steroids. I was in love at first sight (and at the first listen I suppose).

I had to see them again. And guess what? I did see them again.

They had two more additional performances after their first set and I got to catch them at The Korah Shrine for the finale of Treefort. I got to sit front and center for their performance (and got some freaking amazing shots of the band) and, I have to say, it was an otherworldly experience. Teresa was tearing up her kit, Lauren was hopping all over the place, and Chris was SHREDDING his guitar up. Lilah was another story though. She was all over the place, doing somersaults, running up and down the stage, and even at one point, gave her guitar to one of the audience members in the middle of a song! After one song I made a heart with my hands and she walked up to me and started punching through it, almost hitting my face a few times.

To sum it up, the performance was absolutely crazy.

The cherry on top for me was meeting the whole band. I mustered up the courage and went up to Lauren at the merch table. I introduced myself and told her how I’ve lived in Rio Rancho, New Mexico for half my life. She welcomed me with open arms and we had such an amazing conversation with one another. She showed me such hospitality in just that short time we chatted. After chatting, she led me back stage to meet the rest of the band! Lilah ran in to give me a hug while Chris and Teresa both sat back and greeted me. I felt so accepted by a band I had just met for the first time. We got pictures together and a killer station ID that we have linked below to listen to.

Prism Bitch Station ID

Below are embedded links to Prism Bitch’s album, Perla
I STRONGLY recommend giving it a listen

Images Courtesy of Preston Valles

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