By Julia DuBois

As many of us are aware, a college experience is so much more than just obtaining a degree; it is a time for creating meaningful connections, finding exciting passions, and discovering who we are as individuals on new and deeper levels. Whether we like it or not, this self growth and personal development is inevitable during the time that we spend in college. With this in mind, there are a few things we can do as students to take advantage of this opportunity to the best of our abilities. And although very cliche and predictable, one of the best ways that we can help ourselves is through getting involved. 

Here at Boise State, I am sure that there is no student–new or returning–that is not aware of the fact that our school offers a wide variety of opportunities for involvement. Student-run clubs. On-campus work positions. Sororities and fraternities. Sports teams of all levels. These are just a few examples of the different types of organizations that an interested student could find themselves getting involved with. And, within this vast array of opportunities lies the one, the only, University Pulse Radio. 

University Pulse Radio is the entirely student-run radio station of Boise State University. Not only does it stream content 24/7, but it also offers an incredibly unique experience for the students who are engaged. With the inclusion of podcasts, talk shows, music hours, or whatever kind of show a student desires to create, University Pulse offers a creative outlet like no other. Encouraging students to share their own voices plays a major role in creating a fulfilling and welcoming college community. 

This year’s University Pulse employees are no strangers to the important role of college radio. Preston Valles, for example, who is the current General Manager, got involved in the fall of his freshman year in 2019. His passion for music led him to search for a way to interact with others on campus who share similar interests. At this time, he met the University Pulse staff members Kelsie, Madisun, Dalton, and Wyatt, who all showed him the power of a team and coming together over a shared love for music. Through them, he noticed how important caring about a position and organization is, instead of simply working for one.

Even though Preston was not originally intending on hosting his own radio show when he first got involved with University Pulse, he took the initiative to start running one, and is still hosting it today. His show has gone through a variety of changes, such as starting off as “The Morning Scoop,” which transitioned to “The Evening Scoop,” and finally now is “The Boise Scoop.” These varieties of changes have allowed him to find and value the opportunity of growth not only in his show, but in his daily life as well. When asked to reflect on how he has grown alongside his show, Preston responded with, “I have become a better speaker and better at articulating my thoughts with little to no preparation, while also feeling confident that what I am saying sounds good and cohesive.” These are the types of skills that he has gained through his experiences with University Pulse which will continue to stay with him, regardless of where he goes and what he does.

Similar to Preston, this year’s Music Director, Sam Woodhouse, has gained so much from his time spent with University Pulse. After initially getting involved through hosting his own weekly music show, then months later becoming an employee, Sam quickly realized how beneficial his experiences with the radio would be. When reflecting on what he has gained, Sam noted, “Working for Pulse has taught me so many different skill sets. I learned further audio skills, time management, self motivation, community outreach, event planning and more! It made me a more wholistic person overall!” Sam is passionate about the idea that University Pulse is a great place for those who are interested in exploring their passions about music, podcasts, broadcasting, and other types of media, regardless of if they have any experience with it or not. 

Abbie Alling, the current Promotions Director, has been involved with University Pulse for over a year now and shares similar sentiments as her fellow coworkers. Her time at University Pulse has allowed her to feel a part of a community larger than herself, which has paved the way for her to make connections between what she is passionate about, and those around her. As she spends time thinking about her experience engaging with the radio, she shares her thoughts by saying, “If I could give my younger self who was just getting started with University Pulse radio any advice, It would be to get involved as I can as a producer, go to every meeting, hang out with colleagues, make connections, learn from my peers, and get more involved in the community and going to every local DIY show that I could. University Pulse is so much more fun when you make it into a community.” She goes on to say that her only regret was not getting involved sooner. 

Myself, as the new Operations Manager, I am eager to explore the different opportunities and experiences that being involved with University Pulse will bring me. Based on the feelings that Preston, Sam, and Abbie have shared, I can see that University Pulse is an on-campus community that is made up of caring, welcoming, and passionate students all working towards something larger than themselves.

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