An Interview with Jam Sesh: “The best way to live life is to have music in it!!!”

Hello University Pulse readers, this is Elle Stephenson. Today we’re going to be featuring Willa Rath, host of Jam Sesh! I recently had the opportunity to ask Willa some questions about her show, her experience as a Pulse producer and some of her favorites.

E: How long have you been running your show with University Pulse?

W: I started my show about 3 years ago.

E: What inspired you to join student radio and start your own live show?

W: I have always been very passionate about music and was looking to get involved in the school when I passed by a University Pulse table. Once they told me I could have a radio show I was sold and knew I would love it. 

E: How do you plan and prepare for your show every week?

W: I prepare each week for my show by first picking an album to feature that week. From that point I will listen to the album a couple of times and do a lot of research into the album and the artists. I write down bullet points of everything so I can have facts and information on hand, but I do like to be free flowing so I don’t have an exact script.

E: What has your experience been like being involved with University Pulse radio? 

W: It has been AMAZING! I never thought I would have a radio show of any kind, and now I can say I have! Also, everyone involved is so fun and we all share a common love and respect for music. I have learned so much, from mixing live music, to setting up for concerts, to how to have a radio show in the first place. Most importantly, it has been incredibly fun every step of the way.

E: What are your biggest influences in the development of your show as it is today?

W: Honestly, I don’t listen to many podcasts or radio shows unless they are true crime. So I have gotten much of my influence from conversation with friends, family, and fellow music connoisseurs. Through these conversations about music and albums, I have kind of figured out what interests people the most. I also just try to make a show that I would want to listen to and be entertained by.

E: What has been your favorite moment as a producer on your show?

W: Anytime I have a guest on is a highlight. 

E: What is your favorite TV show? Favorite movie?

W: My favorite show is RuPaul’s Drag Race. My favorite movie is Portrait of a Lady on Fire.

E: If you could have any cartoon character on your show who would it be?

W: I would want Patrick Star on my show because he would make me laugh.

E: Do you collect any type of physical music media?

W: I do! I collect CD’s, vinyl records, posters, and cassettes.

E: What’s the best show you’ve ever seen live?

W: Kendrick Lamar on his Big Steppers Tour. An unforgettable show.

E: What are your 3 favorite albums of all time?

W: My three favorite albums of all time often vary but I have a couple that are consistent, so I would say Igor by Tyler, the Creator, The Rise and Fall of Ziggy Stardust and the Spiders From Mars by David Bowie, and Sublime by Sublime.

E: Is there anything else you’d like to share with the readers of University Pulse?

W: The best way to live life is to have music in it!!!

A big thank you to Willa for agreeing to be featured for this post! Go check out her show Jam Sesh, on air every Wednesday from 8-9 p.m. You can also follow on Instagram for show updates!

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