An Interview with Clouded Dreams

Hello University Pulse readers! This is Elle Stephenson, the Operations Manager for Pulse this year. Recently I had the chance to ask Luke Charlier of the new show, Clouded Dreams, some questions about his time with Pulse and some of his personal favorites! 

E: How long have you been running your show, or, how long have you been a part of University Pulse?

L: I started my new show, Clouded Dreams, this semester but previously ran a podcast called Music Elegancy all of last year.

E: What inspired you to join student radio and start your own live show?

L:I saw a flyer promoting Pulse during my orientation and thought it would be a great idea to start a podcast with my buddy. But after being involved with Pulse for a year, I kind of got jealous of the live producers and decided I wanted to make a live show.

E: How do you plan and prepare for your show every week?

L: First, I try to think of a topic or theme and then I try to create a Spotify playlist that fits the theme that also alternates between Cloud Rap & Dream Pop. I allow a bit of a loose definition of both genres so I have more options. I then make a tracklist image for the weeks episode and I’m ready.

E: What has your experience been like being involved with University Pulse radio?

L: It’s been great. There’s always some opportunity to do something cool, whether that’s a student lead event, access to Treefort or fun promotional things made by Pulse.

E: What are your biggest influences in the development of your show as it is today?

L: Honestly my biggest influence is probably the fake radio stations in GTA V. They always have good songs and really funny skits from the fake DJs. My favorite station is probably Blonded Radio which was a station created by Frank Ocean for the game.

E: What has been your favorite moment as a producer on your show?

L: I’m only one episode in but probably forgetting to turn my mic on probably 2-3 times during the show which hopefully inspires me to never do it again.

E: What is your favorite movie/tv show?

L: That’s one of those impossible questions but I’ll list 2 of my favorite movies of all time. Spider Man 2, I have huge nostalgia for this movie and it’ll always hit different because of that. The Lighthouse is also one of my favorites, just 2 insane performances from DaFoe & Pattinson with a really cool aesthetic.

E: If you could have any cartoon character on your show who would it be; Or what cartoon character would you choose to represent your show?

L: I’d probably have Kenny from South Park or Him from Power Puff Girls because I feel like both characters would get the vision I’m going for.

E: Do you collect any type of physical music media?

L: Yea I collect vinyl, much to the detriment of my bank account. It’s an expensive hobby but I think it’s been worth it.

E: What’s the best show that you’ve ever seen live? 

L: I have this problem where whenever I walk out of a concert I’ll say “This is one of the best shows I’ve ever seen” every single time. Recency bias aside, I think my 2 favorites had to be Charli XCX & Godspeed You Black Emperor, for very different reasons.

E: What are your 3 favorite albums? 
L: Another tough question but I think I’d go Kid A by Radiohead, Spiderland by Slint, & Vespertine by Björk. All just insanely atmospheric and so unique sounding.

E: Is there anything else you’d like to share about your show or yourself with the readers of University Pulse?
L: Tune in at 5:30-6:30 on Wednesdays and send me music recommendations on my Instagram @cloudeddreams.wav

Thank you guys for reading, and a huge thank you to Luke for chatting with me for this blog feature. Definitely check out Clouded Dreams and stay in the loop for our upcoming blog posts! Until Next time! 

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