Dethklok – Dethalbum III – Album Review

This week I had the pleasure of reviewing the new Dethklok album, Dethalbum 3. To all you Dethklok fans, I understand your pain waiting for this album. Since the release of Dethalbum 2 in 2009, we have all been eagerly waiting for this epic album to be released. During the TV show “Metalocalypse,” episode “Prankklok,” fans of the death metal super-band feared for the release of Dethalbum 3 when they witnessed Nathan Explosion destroy the last and only copy of said album; but all is not lost. Dethalbum 3 is set to be released October 16th, thus satisfying your craving for a new Dethklok album.

The first track, which was released as a single on September 4th, “I Ejaculate Fire” starts the album with a bass-less melody recorded with an effect to make it sound as if it was being played on an old record. It then proceeds to smash your face in with heavy riffs and double bass that gets you worked up from the very beginning. This song is featured on the episode, “Dethhealth.” Lyrically this song keeps Dethklok’s humor while laying the sadistic undertone we have all grown to enjoy with this band.

The next song “Crush the Industry,” was released on full metal Jackie September 14th. It begins with a rhythmic beat by pickles (Gene Hoglan) setting the pace for Toki (Mike Keneally) to introduce a riff heavy that’s not meant to be messed with. Skwisgaar (Brendon Small) joins in with the high-pitched melodies we automatically associate with Dethklok. Lyrically, Brandon outshines most with his lyrical talent in this exquisite song.

Crush the industry
No security
Capital is worthless now
Your life I inside trade


The Lyrics of the song “Crush The Industry” illustrate Brandon Small’s creative talent for writing lyrics. He paints a bloody picture of how money is not only wholly evil, but the people who exploit its power to their maniacal gain should be in all their entirety, eviscerated.

Overall I love this album, Brandon Small is an extremely busy man, and the fact he actually got this out for release, is as impressive as his accomplishments. Dethklok as a whole is heading in the right direction. Introducing rhythms not unlike Djent, illustrated in the song “Starved,” which is featured in the episode “Tributeklok.” I am impressed and quite pleased with the way this album turned out. So set your calendars for October 16th! You do not want to miss this album.


  1. superidiotman says:

    Dude the Crush the Industry lyrics you have are fan interpretations from three years ago. Do your research in that little booklet that comes with the CD.

    • Lucas Jantzen says:

      Unfortunately I received the album digitally through a PR company and did not have access to the booklet. I am sorry the info on that song is not accurate and will be corrected eventually. Thanks

  2. Finally a good rock music to hear. After the metallica is gone. No one else come closer the way they play.

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