Review of We The Fallen by Psyclon Nine


Review of We The Fallen

Sound: Psyclon Nine’s We the Fallen, comes in a torrent of Black Metal and Aggrotech influences to blow you away in an epic combination of well-made American Industrial Metal. Soulless (The Makers Reflection) starts off the album with a spine tingling chant intertwined with the cheers of a full coliseum eager to hear more. I find myself cheering along with the fictional crowd, wrought with anticipation of what is to come. Upon hearing the album I noticed a decrease of synth in the mix and an increase of guitars. I clearly notice the black metal influences as the guitars pound away in synchronicity with the drums. In what seems like a change of sound away from the heavy synth, I am enjoying what I am hearing. The title track runs next on the list. Whispers echo in my ears, then a blood curdling scream. Heavy drums accompany the guitars; I visualize Rotney Ford, guitarist for Psyclon Nine, hammering away on the guitar strings. Head banging in a brutal fashion, his dreaded hair going this way and that.

Now that I create this kind of music, I am always interested in learning how they mixed, mastered, and produced the sound artists in this genre make. With most bands, I can pinpoint what synths they used, how they glitched out the sounds, and how they recorded the vocals. Psyclon Nine is an enigma to my ears. I can neither replicate their sounds, vocal styles, or quality of sound! This in turn makes me a little sad, but I also develop a respect for the band. They have created an unique sound that cannot be replicated. Being an aspiring artist of this genre, I am jealous; hope to learn from them, and apply that to my own music.

Rating: 8.5

Lyrics: My favorite part of all Psyclon Nine songs are the lyrical styles of Nero Bellum. Never before had I heard such heavy brutal screams come from someone. What makes them memorable, is the fact that they are incredibly high pitched. Much like the way I write my lyrics, Nero has stated that he never knows what he is going to write, it is always a surprise. Nero Bellum’s lyrics often include themes of death and destruction but always have a hint of beauty that shines through, such as the lyrics in his song “Suicide Note Lullaby.”

I found my savior in these shards of shattered glass

I am an exit to the blackness this is my last hymn

To the fallen not again to touch the sky

A suicide not lullaby” (Bellum)

I cannot say my vocal style in my own music copies Nero, but you can tell I attribute most of my influences from Psyclon Nine and Nero Bellum. Like Nero’s lyrics, they are often dark in nature. I stray from the straight dark lyrical content, and tend to weave a story around the lyrics. The content or darkness level will vary from song to song depending on where I am in the “story.” For an example:

Chains bind and pull, halting all progression

Blood and bone tear through the tainted soil

Journey of suffering, deserving of the sinner

Hallow soul wanders without purpose his body withers.”


Like Limbs of a dismembered poet

Even one hair can erode the denoted

Shape the stone and craft the veins

Visions are blurred and tensions are strained” (My lyrics)

I appreciate well written lyrics, and will usually dislike an artist as a whole if the lyrical content is utter garbage. I have never had this problem with Nero’s lyrics; they flow with underlining meanings and untapped potential

Rating: 9

Overall Impression: Psyclon Nine is one of my all-time favorite bands and this album is no exception. While this album came out in 2009, it is my favorite album to date. With the release of their new album, Order of the Shadow Act: 1, I am still blown away by their music even after all these years. If you haven’t checked out “We the Fallen” or “Order of the Shadow Act: 1,” I highly recommend you do so. I am eager to see what comes next.



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