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    The Showbiz – Terrence Malick Is Like, The Greatest Director Ever

    You heard me. Terrence Malick is the greatest director of all time, even if he looks like that redneck uncle who thinks aliens kidnapped him and who may or may not have eaten glue as a child. Wait, you’ve never heard of this grand maestro of film, this commander of cinema? You haven’t...

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  • 906023_274788179362835_2769767061505013579_o

    The Showbiz – Is M. Night Shyamalan Back In The Visit?

    The September 2015 release of The Visit, M. Night Shyamalan’s new found footage horror film, had everyone wondering if the director is back on the uptick after a string of backbreaking film failures that ranked among the greatest critical disappointments of all time. If you haven’t ha...

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  • fresh 2

    Ratchet Hours’ Hot Mixtapes: March

    This month we have three mixtapes from 3 of the hottest young southern rappers yet again. Before we begin, we have to say R.I.P. to Bankroll Fresh who passed away last week while he was in the recording studio. Now for our 3 banging mixtapes.

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  • Larkin Poe pic 1

    Larkin Poe and Elvis Costello Concert Preview

    This year has had some talented artists come to the Boise area, from the likes of Elton John to small indie bands hoping to make their debut. There seems to be no end in sight to these musical offerings, which are about to hit new heights with the upcoming concert at the Egyptian Theater featurin...

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  • maz

    The Showbiz – Star Wars: The Force Awakens Full Review

    In the wake of the December release of Star Wars: The Force Awakens, the internet and the world has once again exploded with Star Wars fever. The film released to a stunning 92% rating on Rotten Tomatoes and an 81% rating on Metacritic and waltzed through 10 weekends to the tune of over 2 billion...

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  • future1

    Ratcher Hour’s Mixtapes of the Month

    Hello and welcome back to a new year here at Boise State! Ratchet Hour is sure excited to enter a new year full of more ratchet music. So far this year, plenty of mixtapes have dropped but the Ratchet Hour, being you number one source for ratchet music, has once again compiled the best mixtapes a...

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  • jtt

    Is Justin Timberlake Going Country On Us?

    Justin Timberlake, also known as the king of entertainment, is possibly up to something that no one would have ever imagined. JT might be making a country album.

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  • Screenshot (67)

    Jon and Joe’s Monthly Tangent: Microlattice

    Metal’s Lighter than Air Yea metal… not the music but actually the material. Welcome to the new Jon and Joe’s random tangent of the month! For this month, I (Jon) will talk about a brand new material called Microlattice. So this may seem kind of funny, I mean metal lighter than air?

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    Remembering a Legend – Lemmy Kilmister

    If you’ve been on the internet at all in the past few weeks, then I’m sure you know by now that heavy metal lost one of the true pioneers recently when Lemmy Kilmister passed away due to cancer at age 70.

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    General Manager’s Most Anticipated Albums of 2016

    2016 is looking to be a great year for music. The University Pulse is looking forward to getting down to a bunch of new content this year from some old favorites like Missy Elliot, The Killers, Sum 41, Blink-182, etc. But before these albums drop, we’re excited for a handful of other albums...

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