Boiseko Taupada

With Madalen Bieter

About Boiseko Taupada:

To celebrate the strength and pride of Boise’s Basque diaspora, I host this show mainly in Euskara and play mostly songs sung in Basque or written/produced by Basque artists. Genres vary from traditional, to ska, to reggae, to rap, to old bertsolari classics. Some days I will focus on a theme or topic, other days it will be a mixture. We will discuss events happening both in Boise, the Basque Diaspora as a whole, and events occurring in the Basque Country itself. On Tuesdays and Thursdays from 2-3pm MST you can count on a little accordion and a lot of good songs to give you that boost you need to get through the day! Like us on Facebook at “Boiseko Taupada” and send us a message if you have any requests or ideas for show themes. Animatu eta entzun! Goazen dantzatzera!

About Madalen:

Kaixo! The best way to describe my life’s story is best visualized by the movie My Big Fat Greek Wedding except change Greek to Basque, trade the moussaka in for a chorizo and swap out Zorba the Greek for a Jota. I’ve grown up in Boise’s Basque community my whole life and have always lived in two worlds at once. Speaking Euskara at home, taking chorizo sandwiches to school that would stink up the whole lunchroom, and having to explain to friends that I had to schedule our hangouts around dance practice and Basque events. As much as I joke about my background, it is thanks to it that I am who I am today. It is thanks to the food, music, dance, community, family, generosity, kindness, strength, perseverance, and pride that this culture has allowed me, I am the woman I am today.