Dry Spell Radio

With Matthew Crane and Austin Cornwell

About Dry Spell Radio:

Join Dry Spell to discuss everything video game related. Matt and Austin are joined by a revolving seat of guests as they review games and discuss news. Guests range from friends, YouTubers, eSports athletes, to game developers. No topic is off limits. Sometimes the show gets political, sometimes fluffy, sometimes off-topic, but always entertaining.

About Matt: 

Matt Crane has spent most of his life dedicated to music and to video games. Having performed percussion and drums with numerous bands, orchestras, rock bands; Matt has built a reputation as a musician in Boise, Idaho. After graduating with a degree in Music Education (2015) from Boise State, Matt freelanced throughout Idaho and into Oregon and Utah, mostly known as a timpanist.

In 2017, Matt returned to Boise State to pursue a degree in Media Production. With a desire to enter the world of Video Game journalism, Matt (along with Austin) started Dry Spell Radio. Dry Spell builds on Matt’s interest in video games and their effect on society. Matt believes that video games are the newest, and brightest, mainstream media and should be studied and understood.

When Matt is not playing music, working on school projects, or playing video games he is probably at Prost! in downtown Boise, or working. He hopes to graduate in 2019 and move to another state, to pursue a job in journalism or production. You can follow Matt on Twitter (@realMaCrane).