Edge of Your Seat

With Parker Crawford and Lucas Brockman

About the Show:

Our favorite kind of music is early 2000’s punk, which many people have called edgy. So we embrace that title and it has become the base of our show. We play about 20 min of songs with 10 minutes of talk in between each segment. These talks include: Opening Rant, Hat Rant, After the Fact Review and the NEWS(ongs). The last block of our show is the “Edge of your seat” where we play a variety of songs.

About Parker:

I am from Northern California where I lived in a small rural town about an hour from the nearest city. In high school I was apart of the marching band and participated on the air soft team. I am a second year Computer Science Major. I am basically the biggest nerd you have ever met. I am apart of the Marching Band on campus where I play the bass drum. My favorite films are Scott Pilgrim vs The World and Blade Runner. My favorite bands are My Chemical Romance and Cake. When I am not working on my homework I like to program computers, play Dungeon and Dragons or Star Wars Edge of the Empire and watch movies. I am a big fan of puns or terrible jokes.