The Grunge Hour

With Nick Naser

About the Grunge Hour:

Grunge Hour plays music from the underground era of the 90’s. It’s big purpose is to bring light to what Nick views as under-appreciated music. Nick also likes to chime in with neat trivia about the song or bands being played. Guests will come on from time to time and discuss topical conversations and share their love for the 90’s. Be sure to tune in to hear something cool.

About Nick:

Born and raised in Boise, ID, and grew up listening to classic rock and disco from his parents. After discovering the band Primus in junior high, Nick found a special interest in the 90’s and found a lot of neat music. Nick plays bass guitar, stand-up bass, banjo, guitar, clarinet, kazoo, and sings. Nick is also in a local band called Amber Dulcet and Kind of Blue. Fun Fact: Nick has been growing his hair out for 4 years and is still going!