The Dawgpound

With Sawyer Beddoes

About the Dawgpound:

Combining both classic hip-hop, current rap, and some R&B, I will be playing a little bit of it all. In between songs we will discuss some current events, local things to do around town, and of course top sporting news. Some weeks I will be doing different themes and bringing some of the roots of hip-hop back with some soul and funk music.

About Sawyer:

Sports, fly-fishing, and video games are my time killers when I am not in school. Graduating from Borah High School in 2009, I transferred around Idaho colleges until I found there is no place like home. I find that you can’t beat the variety of activities you can find in Boise. Whether it’s outdoors, concerts, or great restaurants, we have it all. I have 2 cats and a pit bull at home who all verify the music I play is strictly hot fire. I chose to do a radio show because I feel like there is a gaping hole missing from our music community, and that hole is rap. You have the mainstream stations that focus on pop hits, but there is a distinct lack of any up and coming rap or hip-hop.