The Joy Show

With Joy Flournoy

About the Show:

THE JOY SHOW  is a one hour radio show that airs every Tuesday and Thursday at 7pm MST. The show, hosted by the bubbly and fun Joy, is grilled with her signature blend of honesty and humor. THE JOY SHOW  has various segments that keep the laughs going. Such as, No Nonsense News a segment in which Joy reports news that is complete nonsense. Tune in, join the fun and get some JOY in your life!

About Joy: 

She’s just a Cali girl adjusting to Idaho weather. Currently studying to become a teacher, Joy is a well-rounded gem. She has been down in the dumps and on top of the world, which allows her to truly relate to her audience.  Joy tries to keep her  life funny, honest and joyful! But of course there are somethings we are all still trying to figure out, such as relationships, friendships and even handling the stress of school. Joy discusses the real issues that people face in a open and fun way, constantly sending a message to her listeners to “living your best life!”