3-Point Stance

With Daniel Hopkins, Ben Staub, Brett Wolff, Brandon Miller

About the Show:

3-Point Stance is a sports talk show that focuses on football and basketball with sprinkles of other sports. Each week during college football season the guys will give you an in-depth analysis of each game that upcoming week and a review of the games from the previous weekend. Boise State football is a topic each week as well. If you enjoy listening to sports talk, jokes, and a roast of each host’s favorite team then 3-Point Stance is for you! We love discussing the major storylines in the headlines that week and give varying opinions on each topic. This show is informative and fun and is a must listen for anyone who wants to hear about the sports from a great groups of guys. Listen to 3-Point Stance on Fridays from 1:00-3:00!

About Daniel:

Daniel Hopkins is a junior at Boise State University, majoring in history, social science, and secondary education. Daniel played football for ten years from ages six to sixteen and also threw shot putt and discuss his freshman and sophomore years of high school. Daniel’s favorite sports teams include the Golden State Warriors, Boise State Broncos, and Cal Bears. Cal is clearly one of the best teams in the nation year after year and he honestly believes they lose to teams like USC and Oregon (who are clearly worse) just to make those teams feel better about themselves. Daniel is extremely good at NBA 2K and NHL. Daniel plays a lot of sports video games to make up for the fact that he was never actually good at sports although he is clearly more athletic than Ben, Brandon, and Brett. Daniel is a huge fan of college football and the NFL (even though his fantasy teams will never win the championship) and the NBA. You can find Daniel commonly on ESPN.com and the Bleacher Report App instead of doing things that could actually benefit him. He hopes you listen to 3-Point Stance!

About Brett:

Brett Wolff is a junior at Boise State and this is his 2nd year as a radio show host. When he’s not talking about sports with buddies Dan, Ben and Brandon, he’s probably crying over another Chicago Bears loss. He spends his remaining time beating Dan in sports video games and throwing touchdown passes to Ben and Brandon in 4v4 Flag Football. He has won a championship in Flag Football here at Boise State and that was the highlight of his otherwise pathetic life. His favorite NFL and collegiate sports teams are the aforementioned Chicago Bears, USC Trojans, Florida Gators, and of course, the Boise State Broncos. In other sports, Brett is a fan of the Los Angeles Angels, the Los Angeles Lakers, the Chicago Blackhawks and the Papua New Guinea National Cricket Team. His favorite sports to play are flag football, volleyball, kickball, and the occasional game of racquetball. One thing he dreads, however, is running. As a result, do not expect to see him mobile for long. As a final note, Brett’s path to becoming a professional football player were cut short due to a Sciatic Nerve injury he sustained earlier in life. RIP.

About Ben:

Ben is a junior at BSU. In his free time, he likes to play intramurals. He is studying general business with a minor in non-profit management. He has always been an avid fan of sports. Bay Area born and raised. He has been blessed to have the influence of KNBR 680 and more specifically Kruk and Kuip so that’s why he sounds so good on the radio. Interestingly enough, Ben was originally roommates with Daniel and Brett and have been close to them ever since. His favorite restaurants in Boise include Tucano’s, Chili’s, Burger Belly, and most importantly Taco Bell. While he loves to eat a lot, he also is lazy and never works out so he has gained his “Junior 20”. He looks forward to Saturdays because he gets to relax and watch college football all day long. If he had to choose two of his least favorite NCAA teams, they would be Cal and USC #goducks #godubs

About Brandon:

Brandon is technically a Junior but is only in his second year at BSU, and if you just rolled your eyes don’t feel alone cause everyone he’s ever told before you did the same thing. Brandon enjoys college sports more than the professionals because he believes college players actually care about winning and put in real effort, rather than getting paid millions to ruin his fantasy season. Besides being an avid hater of USC, Oregon, and Tom Brady, he enjoys BSU sports, Georgia football, the Steelers, and the 76ers. Why the 76ers? Because we all should have that one team that never wins so we can place all of our stress and anger of the real world into something that doesn’t matter. Brandon also doesn’t know how he got roped into doing this show, but if anyone is reading this send help. I don’t know these people.