Unaesthetically Pleasing

With Alyssa Hagler

About Unaesthetically Pleasing:

Unaesthetically Pleasing is a show entirely based around nothing, yet full of a little bit of everything. This show isn’t genre specific, so expect to hear something different each time! And of course, there will always be a little awkward ranting or gold nuggets of wisdom from Alyssa and maybe a special surprise guest. Tune in!

About Alyssa:

Hey! My name is Alyssa! I’m currently in my final year as a Communications major. I’ve really enjoyed my time at Boise State University. I’ve met so many awesome people and have learned a lot about myself. I love producing my own show on University Pulse – Unaesthetically Pleasing will be my precious child FOREVER. I’m pretty laid back but will jump at the chance to talk about whatever show you’re streaming on Netflix or Game of Throne theories. I also love spending time with my crazy family and going camping with them or just barbecuing. When I was younger I wasn’t the biggest fan of living in Idaho. However, when I got older I began to realize how nice it really is and how fortunate I am to be here. With that said, I still would love to travel to other places and experience this crazy place we live in!