With Noah Szajowitz

About Windansea:

Windansea is a show dedicated to discovering underground Indie and Alternative music from across the world and the United States. I focus on bringing the unknown music waiting to be discovered to listeners eager to find up and coming artists. I work to feature local artists whenever possible, with good reason as Boise has one of the best underground music scenes. Windansea is not just Indie and Alternative though, there are breaks to feature Jazz and other genres often, especially 60s and 90s music along with some early 2000s on occasion. Along with good music, running commentary on the events of the day and news from around campus is also given during the show.  

About Noah:

I’m a History/Secondary Education major at Boise State in my Junior year. I enjoy discovering music, especially underground indie music made by artists that have yet to sign to an major label. I’m a huge fan of baseball and enjoy following the Yankees, something that I’ll mention on my show now and then. I enjoy going out to see local shows in Boise with friends and supporting the awesome music scene we have in Idaho. I especially love getting to travel the world and see all the amazing countries that are out waiting to be explored.