Music Show


Tired of listening to the music of today? Do your ears feel empty without all the anger and angst of the grunge movement? Are you looking for the sounds that remind you how ripped jeans, red flannels, and black beanies feel? Well look no further than the sweet, sweet music…

Playlist Masters

Playlist Masters

Playlist Masters is a music show hosted by Sadie Atkins and Sam Woodhouse. Each week we pick a topic to make a playlist about. We strive for variety so the topic could be Harry Potter’s mixtape, songs you would want to hear as you blast off into space, the Easter…

Window Seat

Window Seat

Are you ready to have a good time? Wrong show! Here we will be playing songs that we like to listen to while staring out the window on a rainy day thinking about how things have gone astray. We will also be going into detail about the artists themselves and…

Luke & Conner Music Review

Music Elegancy by L&C

The Luke and Conner Podcast is a music centered variety podcast hosted by Luke Charlier and Conner Miller. Episodes can contain an in depth album review, a compilation of quick album reviews, interviews with local/small artists, list comparisons, responding to user hot takes/opinions, song brackets, icebergs & mini games (such…

Picture Show Show

Picture Show Show

A talk show where we discuss movies, tv shows, film news, drama and more. We hope to introduce you to films you may have never heard of while also reviewing the classics, from local to global. Occasional guests will visit such as local filmmakers, students, and professors.

Inferno Podcast

The Inferno Podcast

What is the Inferno Podcast? It is a weekly show where co-hosts Braden Platt and Keakalina Bird critique and examine the hottest media on the net. What type of media do we analyze? Everything from epic poetry written by the *great minds of Homer and Plato dating back thousands of…

Space Station Logo


Welcome to SPACE STATION! Immerse yourself in an environment with a collected range of electronic music, indietronica, synthy instrumentals, and random discussions. New genres, artists, and topics will be introduced throughout the show. Feel the music, listen to our thoughts! Instagram: @208spacestation

The Septic Tank

Have you ever wondered what music would be playing if you were to go swimming in a pool of lava? Or what someone would be listening to if they were trapped inside of a waterslide? Join The Septic Tank’s host, Julia, as she curates playlists based on subjective themes each…

The Flipside

The Flipside is a radio show that will introduce you to new music every week! Each show Senaida will present to you a brand new playlist, artist, or random record to listen to. Tune in for laughs, good music, and chill vibes.

Math Rock

An exposition and exploration of chiefly Math rock music, as well as other experimental rock and punk subgenres. We plan to bring in some records of our own, and maybe branch further into experimental rock with new bands representing alt and indie sound.