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Plenty of Worlds

Don’t you want to discover what else is out there? Do you not realize how many little things are waiting to be discovered? Go learn something. Go try something new. That’s what being alive is really about right? Worst case it’s just not for you. Best case it changes your…

The Ghost Show Logo

The Ghost Show

The Ghost Show mixes the world of fantasy and unique artists. Each week we will highlight an exemplary artist and their craft of weird nonsense, and the off handed news from middle earth to the future omnipotent cult of the cat. If you want to listen to something that doesn’t…

The Flipside

The Flipside is a radio show that will introduce you to new music every week! Each show Senaida will present to you a brand new playlist, artist, or random record to listen to. Tune in for laughs, good music, and chill vibes.

Math Rock

An exposition and exploration of chiefly Math rock music, as well as other experimental rock and punk subgenres. We plan to bring in some records of our own, and maybe branch further into experimental rock with new bands representing alt and indie sound.

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Over Drive

Over Drive is a radio show like no other where we talk about trends in music from the tone behind songs along with the gear in them, to the theory behind the music and the songwriting stories behind them, even how certain instruments were utilized and how legends changed the…



Do you love a band that nobody’s heard of? Are you looking for new artists from all types of genres to listen to? Then tune into Pulse Radio’s UNDERRATED, where Carson Benzinger will discuss history’s most notoriously underrated bands/artists, as well as a few of his notable favorites. Have a…

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Boil the Frog

One of the most difficult parts of discovering new music is jumping head-first into a new genre, only to not understand the appeal at all. Boil the Frog is a show about discovering new and interesting music through the lens of the familiar. On the show, we will start in familiar waters, and gradually…